The building does require tenants to meet a certain criteria.  A tenant is screened for ability to pay and a history making payments, including rental payments.  A tenant should be complete and truthful on their applications, as false or misleading statements speak to an applicant’s character and are reviewed as well against the information available.  Prior landlord references may be contacted as well to establish ability and history as well.

  • Income and Debt to Income: We allow for up to a 55% debt to income ratio.  (Learn More on the FAQ page)
  • No late payment on your credit report in the last 12 months.
  • No items currently in collection.
  • Review of criminal history and sex offender registry will be conducted.
  • No prior eviction proceedings that are active or have resulted in a judgement or agreement against the candidate. 


Requests for exception to any item on the criteria may be requested.  Requests should be accompanied with documentation.  If you feel housing court records are in errors there are resources available to request corrections. [CLICK HERE].  Supplemental documentation on any aspect of your application is reviewed.  

Voucher applicants are still required to provide all required documentation, including source for other living expenses.  Source is not a determining factor, but ability to sustain yourself is a requirement.