Frequently Asked Questions

(Frequent Asked Questions)


Is this a smoke free building?  Yes, it is.  Smoking is not allowed in the unit or any of the common areas in the building.


Does the building allow pets?  Yes, there are some breeds of dogs that are not allowed and we do cap the number of pets.  We also limit pets to domestic pets, so no exotic animals.  We will require proof of vaccinations.


Do I need apartment insurance?  Yes, this is for your protection as well.  A certificate will be required for tenants that have dogs, and a Pet Addendum will be incorporated into your lease.


Does the landlord check credit?  We actually ask for the tenants to supply a full credit report that includes monthly payments, easily pulled from one of the major reporting agencies.  We don’t accept screen shots of Credit Karma off your phone, but our process is pretty easy too.  The landlord does not accept applicants with items that are actively in collection, so any outstanding items on your report will be a factor.  You may want to pull your credit report and ask if any exception will be made to any individual circumstance you may have. 


How and when do I apply?  We ask that you not apply until you have seen the unit, or acknowledge to us that you will be.  It is an easy online application, that takes just a few minutes.  You’ll need your current and past landlord’s phone numbers/email addresses and the same for your references. 


What will I need to provide with an application?  You will need to provide a copy of an ID, a recent paystub or source of ability to pay rent and other debt noted on your credit report, and a self supplied credit report as noted above.  We do cross reference your montly payments off the credit report with your income to formulate a debt to income ratio.  Here is a link to our application:


How much money do I have to make?  That actually depends on your individual circumstances and how much debt you have.  There is a 55% maximum for your debt to income ratio.


What is a debt to income ratio?  We will do this using simple numbers to explain.  If the rent is $2000,  you have monthly payments on your credit report that total $500, and your income is $5000 that calculates to 50% debt to income.  This ratio applies to all applicants regardless of source of income/leasing payments.


What utilities are included?  Hey, you were supposed to read the entire email and it stated above the tenant is responsible for electricity which is what powers the heat, hot water and your lights.  You will need to get your own cable or internet as well.  The water and sewer are included.


Does the landlord accept section 8 or vouchers? Yes, the source of your income or ability to pay is not a factor.  We are mindful of the local limits and many units within the building may fall outside of the rental payment standards.  We ask that you consult with your housing counselor prior to arranging a showing to ensure your program offers expanded limits if needed.  They will need to be advised that this is a mid-rise (5+ unit) elevator building located in Stoughton with no utilities included with electric heat, hot water and cooking.  The only included utility is water and sewer.  No rental payments are allowed or accepted outside of an established and executed lease.  Many housing authorities require 30%, and allow for up to 40%, of an applicants income to be dedicated to lease payments. Boston Housing Authority has a great tool which uses HUD Fair Market Rent for the area and this can be found at You will still need to provide all of your documentation for the voucher, any income sources documentation (which may include a Social Security annual award letter, Transitional Assistance or SNAP benefits), and still meet the other criteria set by the landlord. 


What other criteria does the landlord look for and do they make exceptions?  The landlord is looking for candidates that have handled their finances well, without prior court filing for non-payment of rent or any other housing court actions that don’t have mitigating circumstances, no late payments in the last 12 months, no registered sex offenders, and a felony conviction history will be carefully reviewed.  Many of these factors may have a negative impact on your application.  If you need exceptions, you would need to provide valid documentation with your request, and all answers contained within the application must be truthful anc complete.  You may even want to check your own housing court records in advance, which in Massachusetts can be done at


If I apply how quickly will I know if approved?  The management office works Monday through Friday. Sometimes we can get answers on the weekend, but expect atleast a full business day or two for an answer.  If your application is not complete with ID, paystub/income docs, and credit report it will delay the process. If you start the process and do not supply the items that the application needs your application will be considered abandoned after 3 days.


How is the move-in process handled?  Payments on all leases must be made in advance online or by certified check before move-in, that includes security deposit. Once a lease is signed the tenant has formally committed to the tenancy and legally bound by the contract.  Keys are delivered no earlier than 4 days before commencement of the lease period.   Any variation in timing will result in a pro-rated rental payment and lease amendment.